Our Team has extensive experience in the field of insolvency procedures and manages to successfully provide consultancy, assistance and representation in front of courts of law throughout the Romanian territory, both for creditors and debtors.

We currently collaborate with judiciary experts, expert accountants and auditors, and insolvency practitioners, so we are thoroughly prepared and equipped to ensure the best assistance possible during these procedures.

Assistance and consultancy for Debtors:

We have collaborated and assisted Debtors during the insolvency procedures, until they were reinserted in the commercial activity, despite heavy opposition from the main creditors – respectively banks.

We assist and offer our expert advice to debtors with regard to:

• Creditors’ General Assembly meetings;

• Drafting petitions and injunctions;

• Representing and/or assisting in petitions or injunctions drafted by Creditors;

Assistance and consultancy for Creditors:

Our Team ensures complete legal assistance for the Creditors by:

• Drafting requests/petitions for registering to the Table list of creditors;

• Creditors’ General Assembly meetings;

• Analysing the activity reports drafted by the judiciary administrator;

• Drafting petitions/injunctions;

• Drafting opinions with regard to debtor’s assets;

• Insolvency procedure monitorisation and periodical news (information) of the activities of the procedure;

• Drafting and filling an injunction against management bodies responsible for the debtor’s financial state;

• Drafting and filling an injunction for annulment of fraudulent acts/documents of the debtor.

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