Labour law

Consultancy for concluding an individual labour agreement, non-disclosure agreement (NDA), mobility clause, non-compete clause, addendums for training courses;

Consultancy for termination of an individual labour agreement for reasons not related to the person of the employee, drafting necessary documents (notice, decisions for terminating the labour agreement etc.)

Consultancy for terminating the individual labour agreement for disciplinary reasons, drafting the necessary documents (notice for a disciplinary inquiry, minutes of the inquiry, decision to terminate the labour agreement), assistance during the disciplinary inquiry;

Assistance for the employees in procedures for termination of the individual labour agreement, including boards of disciplinary inquiries, drafting oppositions to the contract termination decision;

Drafting internal regulations;

Assistance for drafting internal regulations and procedures;

Assisting in negotiations for concluding collective labour agreements; drafting the necessary documents (employee informative letter, minutes of negotiations, the collective labour agreement etc.);

Consultancy with regard to employee benefits, including the fiscal provisions.

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