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Civil Law

Legal consultancy and specialized assistance – contracts, including joint venture contracts, both domestic and international; drafting, negotiation, modification, execution

Debt recovery, through payment injunction procedures or regular court petitions, including foreclosure procedures – domestic and international: drafting, legal assistance, representation before courts

Incorporation of associations and foundations, amendment of constitutive articles

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Corporate Law

Incorporation of limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, etc.: legal consultancy, drafting documents (articles of incorporation, associate/administrator statements, headquarters contracts, etc.) and carrying out related procedures at the Trade Registry Office

Corporate changes (headquarters modifications, transfers of shares, extensions of the object of activity, change of administrator, censors, etc.): legal consultancy drafting documents and carrying out procedures at the Trade Registry Office

Branch establishment: legal consultancy, drafting documents and carrying out procedures at the Trade Registry Office

Mergers and divisions: legal consultancy, document drafting, including merger and division projects and carrying out procedures at the Trade Registry Office

Dissolution of companies and branches: legal consultancy, drafting documents and carrying out procedures at the Trade Registry Office

Legal consultancy, assistance, and representation of shareholders in disputes with companies for dividend payment, decrease/increase in participation, increase/decrease in share capital, withdrawal from the company, exclusion, etc.

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Labour Law

Legal consultancy for employers/employees regarding individual employment contracts, respectively:

  • conclusion of contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), mobility clause, non-competition clause, addenda for professional training courses
  • execution of contracts, including legal consultancy on employee benefits and tax issues
  • termination of contracts for reasons not related to the employee, drafting necessary documents (notice, decisions of termination of the labour agreement etc.); legal consultancy in termination of individual labour agreements for disciplinary reasons, including drafting necessary documents (invitation to the disciplinary inquiry, minutes of the disciplinary inquiry, decision of termination of the individual labour agreement); legal assistance throughout the disciplinary inquiry; oppositions to the contract termination decisions; drafting court claims in employment liability
    Legal consultancy in regard to various aspects deriving from labour matters
    Legal consultancy and assistance in negotiations for collective labour agreement conclusion; drafting the necessary documents (employee informative letter, minutes of negotiations, collective labour agreement)
    Legal consultancy on internal regulations and document drafting
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Public Procurement

  • Legal consultancy and assistance in drafting tender documentation
  • Legal consultancy and assistance for participation in public procurement procedures regarding:
    • joint venture contracts between companies, to participate in public procurement procedures (drafting, negotiation, modification)
    • oppositions against tender documentation (drafting, support)
    • requests for clarifications and responses to requests for clarifications received from the public authorities
    • preliminary complaints, oppositions against the results of the tender procedures, intervention applications (drafting and representation in front of CNSC – NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR SOLVING COMPLAINTS)
    • oppositions against CNSC Decisions (drafting and representation before the courts)
  • Legal consultancy and assistance regarding the execution of public procurement contracts, by drafting court petitions, notifications, including requests for cancelling Negative Certificates, etc. and representation before the courts
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    Real Estate And Construction Law/Urbanism

    • Legal consultancy and verification of real estate documents, drafting due diligence reports
    • Legal consultancy and assistance in the negotiation of sale-purchase promissory agreements, sale contracts, lease/rent contracts, agricultural lease, joint venture contracts, works agreements
    • Legal consultancy and assistance in front of the notary public
    • Legal consultancy and verification of construction documentation
    • Legal consultancy and representation before the courts in issues or conflicts derived from housing, urban planning and construction matters
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    Administrative Law

    • Legal consultancy for public authorities
    • Legal consultancy for natural and legal persons in relation with public authorities: drafting petitions, preliminary complaints against administrative decrees, cancel motions, as well as representation in front of the courts regarding the cancelation in whole or in part of some administrative decrees, or issuance of administrative decrees
    • Legal consultancy, drafting and support of complaints against minutes in regard to contraventions
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    Tax Law

    Together with TRELEA AND ASSOCIATES’ partners (expert accountants, certified accountants, auditors, tax consultants) we provide legal consultancy on taxation, namely:

    • Legal opinions regarding tax matters derived from the current activity of the companies
    • Appeals/complaints against the measures, decisions, minutes of tax authorities
    • Legal assistance and representation in the control procedures against natural persons, carried out by tax authorities
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    Transport Law

    • Legal consultancy and assistance regarding public transportation: drafting, negotiation, modification, execution of contracts, etc
    • Legal consultancy and legal assistance regarding the domestic and international transport of goods by sea, by road, or by rail: drafting, negotiation, modification, execution of contracts, etc.
    • Recovery of receivables derived from transport contracts: drafting court petitions, responses, written notes, final statements on the merits and representation before the courts
    • Complains regarding misdemeanour charges – drafting and advocation
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    Pharma: Medical Services And Wholesale Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products

    • Legal consultancy and assistance in matters concerning medicinal drugs and medical devices:
      • pharmacy contracts and wholesale distributors: drafting, negotiation, modification, execution, including registration of guarantees in the National Registry of Mobile Property, consultation of the Registry and drafting detailed reports on the main warranties used by other competitors on the market, etc.
      • cost-volume and cost-volume-result contracts: conclusion, negotiation, modification, execution, etc
    • Legal consultancy and assistance for activities regarding medical services
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      Legal consultancy and assistance regarding:

        • initiation of insolvency proceedings
        • registration in the List of creditors
        • representation in meetings of the Assembly of Creditors
        • activity reports of the official receiver / trustee in bankruptcy
        • appeals during the procedure
        • evaluation reports of the assets of the debtor
        • injunctions against the management bodies responsible for bankruptcy
        • cancellation of fraudulent acts of the debtor resulting in damages to the creditors

          Procedure monitoring and periodic information

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      Intelectual Property

      • Legal consultancy and assistance regarding the protection of intellectual and industrial property
      • Legal consultancy and assistance regarding the registration of licenses and copyrights (ORDA), invention patents and trademarks, with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) for protection at a national level, with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for protection at an European level and with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) for protection at an international level
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      White Collar Crime

      • Legal consultancy and assistance regarding Codes of conduct
      • Conduct and anti-corruption seminars
      • Legal consultancy, assistance and representation of shareholders, administrators, legal entities in criminal cases (fraud of European funds, tax evasion, forgery, etc.)
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      E-commerce and Consumer Protection

      • Terms and conditions for online stores: drafting and revision
      • Product delivery and return policies: drafting and revision
      • Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs (ANPC) – assistance and representation
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      Data Protection

      • GDPR courses
      • Drafting/updating internal regulations
      • Audit
      • DPO
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      Environmental Law

      • Legal consultancy and assistance for obtaining environmental permits/authorizations, etc